About Me

I moved to the Pioneer Valley in the 1980s, from Paris, France. Like many residents, I never left the valley, and adopted it as his home.  I currently live in Northampton, Massachusetts, and teach at Smith College.  I am an avid amateur photographer, spending every opportunity to capture the beauty of our ever-changing New England skies.  I am also a painter and I incorporate my photographs in my digital paintings and explorations.   My recent solo show of photographs at the Amherst town hall, “Noho Skies,” featured Pioneer Valley landscapes and skyscapes. 

In the current exhibit at the Hitchcock Center, “Valley Skies,” I continue my exploration of  the Pioneer Valley landscape, often at sunrise or sunset, at times on a bright fall day.   In my photos, I try to seize the fluid formation of clouds rolling over hills, or, as in the 5-panel presented here, the inviting path curving around a maple tree at Park Hill Orchard, in Easthampton.

My approach to photography is influenced by my scientific background.  Taken with a point-and-shoot camera that is always with me, my photographs are heavily processed by various algorithms, including my own, and professionally printed on some of the most vibrant–and expensive–media currently available:  HD dye sublimation on recycled aluminum.  In this process, a mirror photo is printed in professional labs on paper with an inkjet printer loaded with special dye.   Then, under high heat, the dye is fused with a special coating previously applied to the aluminum sheet.   This results in a highly durable photograph with vibrant colors, that resists scratching and UV light.

 You may also be interested in visiting my current collaborative project at the Anchor House of Artists, in Northampton, Massachusetts.   This project, titled “Body Tricks, Using Sylvia Plath’s Narrative Space to Explore my Seizure,” is lead by Maria Guarino, and explores the world of epilepsy in a multimedia presentation, featuring my digital painting and videos.

Enjoy the exhibit!    

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