The exhibit contains six photos, two large, wall-size, posters, one in five panels, one in three panels, and four individual photographs.

The last photograph of the series below, taken at Park Hill Orchard, in Easthampton, MA, is made of 517,864 polygons, tinted with only 64 different colors. It depicts the fragility of the nature that surrounds us. While the photograph may look natural and the landscape inviting, a digital transformation has taken place, and richness, diversity, and all the 24 million colors that originally made this image have been significantly altered.   Only by paying close attention to the image, will we see the degradation. Only by playing close attention to the world around us, will we be in a better place to take better care of it.

Just a Sliver of Light

Long Mountain at Sunrise

Long Mountain taken in the mist of a very early morning.

40w x 30w


Lonely Bird, Seven Sisters

Holyoke Range

Mount Hitchcock, center, emerging from the clouds, a single bird in the sky. Early morning sunrise.



Freckled Sky

Sunrise over Northampton

The Northampton town hall emerges over the landscape of the Holyoke Range in this orangey freckled sunrise sky.  

36W x 24H


Lonely Mountain, Crashing Clouds

Holyoke Range, Hadley, Ma

Early morning shot of Bare Mountain, one of the Seven Sisters, emerging from the clouds rolling up from the Connecticut River.

Triptych 73W x 36H (each panel 24Wx36H)


Red Eddies

Sunrise over the Holyoke Range

Playful eddies in the early morning sky over Long Mountain. Holyoke Range.

40W x 20H


Fragility in the Orchard

Park Hill Orchard, Easthampton, MA

Following the path, at Park Hill Orchard.

101W x 60H (each panel 20W x 60H)


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