Hitchcock Center Exhibit #3420

Feel free to send me an email with comments about the current exhibit, my photos, or if you want to order prints.   

I use professional labs for printing my photographs,  The printing process uses dye sublimation on recycled aluminum.   It is a process that is significantly more expensive than printing on photographic paper.

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Price List

Aluminum prints of the photos on this Web site, as well as photos on my Instagram feed can be purchased according to the price table below.

The price includes printing by a professional lab on recycled aluminum.  The lab ships the prints with a 1/2-inch thick bamboo frame that is glued to the back of the print and adds sturdiness to it.   It also gives the frame a floating look once attached to a wall.    Free shipping to continental US.

Square Format

12″x12″ $120
16″x16″ $160
20″x20″ $240
24″x24″ $320
30″x30″ $500

Rectangular Format

8″x12″ $78
11″x14″ $120
11″x17″ $130
10″x20″ $140
16″x20″ $200
16″x24″ $230
20″x24″ $280
20″x30″ $340
24″x30″ $400
20″x40″ $450.00
24″x36″ $480.00
30″x40″ $640.00
40″x60″ $1,240.00

Panoramic Format

8″x24″ $140
12″x36″ $250
20″x60″ $660