Recent Artwork

A collection of various art projects, some photo editing, some mixed-media collages.

This is a 16″x12″ collage on canvas using prints of a digital portrait I created on an iPad Pro with Procreate 5.  The model is artist friend Inky, currently living in Berlin, Germany.

The collage is a multilayered superposition of printed tissue paper.  

This is a book cover I created for Robert E. Weir’s book The Marx Brothers and America. to appear mid 2022.   This is essentially a photoshop composite of several photos, some colorized and rearranged in a new photographic artwork.

The idea expressed by Rob Weir for the cover of his book was that from the black and white movies emerge colorful images of American culture and society of that period.   Hence the decision to lightly colorize the brothers and include a black and white film strip in the image. 

The titling and cover mis-en-page were done by the publisher.