This page presents digital animations based on my digital paintings.   The first one, Body Tricks, is a movie made by Maria Guarino for her installation at the Anchor House of Artists, in February 2020.  It incorporate several movies made using Procreate 5 on an iPad Pro.

The second movie, Jazzmine, Ensō, and Fairy Dust features the application of various algorithms I wrote to enhance the movie of a digital painting of Model Jazzmine.  

Body Tricks

Maria Guarino‘s article in DSQBLOGCreative Works, provides the context for the video essay that she presented in her installation, Body Tricks and ElseSpaces, at the Anchor House of Artists in May 2019.   An quote taken from Maria’s article:

Body Tricks is a performance piece, aiming to create an honest, self-narrated representation of an epileptic woman’s experience without conformance to the “normative gaze” or “able-bodied perspective” (Cheu 138). Coined by Johnson Cheu in 2005, the normative gaze walks alongside the idea of the dominant male gaze in film and performance studies, with its proposed alternative perspective being a “disabled gaze.” Cheu writes: “Like feminist studies, disability studies should presume a perspective different from the dominant, in this case, able-bodied, perspective (138).

Jazzmine, Ensō, and Fairy Dust

This movie is the result of applying various custom algorithms to the frames of a movie generated by Procreate 5 during the painting of a live model, Jazzmine.   Procreate generates a movie of all the brushstrokes used to paint the figure, and each frame of the movie is processed such as each new pixel of color added by the brushstrokes become free floating particles that free float in a field of random winds.   The result is an effect of fairy dust emanating from the figure as it is slowly emerging from the white page.

This movie can also be viewed on YouTube.

Music by Jesse Gallagher, from his album Mer-Ka-Ba.